2022 Trends Recap

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and with that, we are doing a recap of the trends that took over 2022. As excited as we are for what’s to come in 2023, this past year has seen numerous styles, colors, and accessories set the scene throughout all seasons. Some may leave within the upcoming year, but many are likely to stay as we transition into a new year and new fashions! Continue reading to see a list of trends that influenced our shopping choices and “Fashion Girl” era of 2022.   

At Bella Ragazza, we cater styles best fitted towards our customers. Therefore, we aim to carry several trends found at market and within the community. The list of styles appearing in our store is a long one. For a quick overview, 2022 was all about color. Specifically, bright tones and colorful pastels with a variety of embellishments and prints. The neutral palette was not as evident. All seasons have been full of color. We love the happiness these tones and color palettes bring to our customers. Happy colors make happy customers!


Embellishments have largely impacted this year’s fashion trends. Alongside the brighter colors, sequins, feathers, pearls, beads, etc. have been added to a lot of shoes and apparel pieces. This creates a statement piece that can be worn casually or formally. We have carried blazers, tops, sweaters, and pants with these embellishments, especially during the holidays. It adds a fun look to your outfit.


Silhouette styles of oversized and wide leg fit have been popular throughout the year. The skinny jean was replaced by looser, wider fit jeans and trousers. We saw a lot of this silhouette in each season. Oversized styles have also gained a lot of attention. While we still see fitted garments, the oversized look is found among comfort and lounge wear apparel.


Sets are another trend continuing to appear in each season. From lounge wear to everyday wear, to formal wear, 2022 was full of matching sets. They are perfect statement pieces and make you feel more dressed up for a lazy day or morning out. We couldn’t get enough!


Now, let’s focus on prints and fabrics. This year saw a lot of fun prints, especially smiley faces. Florals and patterns were also included on many apparel items as well. The simple sweaters and tops were given an upgrade! Velvet and faux leather have been a huge trend this winter season. We see it on many dresses, tops, trousers, jackets, and hair accessories. These prints and fabrics have created fun, easily versatile styles.


Lastly, we see changes in accessories every year. The styles reference past decades or create new trends for upcoming years. In 2022, claw clips are still a popular trend, headbands are wider and more embellished, and belt bags have become the next big thing. Sometimes, simple is best. That’s what belt bags have shown us. Perfect accessories for on the go!


After recapping 2022, many trends have influenced our outfits and shopping decisions. We are excited to see what this next year brings. Get ready for what’s to come, babes. We can’t wait to see how you all style the new trends!


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