Generations of Bella

I feel like there is a misconception of what Bella Ragazza carries and who is our target client. I’ll hear comments like “I’m too old for your clothes” or “this would be a good store for my daughter”.  However, the younger generation tends to get the idea that we are out of their price range. I’d like to clear up these false assumptions!

When I go to market, vendors ask “Who’s your target client?”  I always have the same answer, “Our target client is every woman!” No matter your age, size or budget. I want you to find something at Bella Ragazza. Sure, you may be welcoming your fifth grandchild and don’t feel appropriate in our banana motif crop top. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t look perfect and feel great in our Z Supply T-shirt dress and Kork Ease sandals. 

If you’re headed to Friday’s after 9 with your girlfriends but spent most of your allowance on that new bronzer at Ulta, you’re probably thinking a boutique won’t be where you’ll be getting something new to wear. You’re missing out because we carry very affordable clothes and accessories. I’m always looking for unique and quality pieces at prices that appeal to everyone. 

I wanted to do the Generations of Bella campaign because we have the most gorgeous women of all ages shop at Bella everyday and I wanted to celebrate the beauty in all of them. So grab your daughter, mom and grandmother and have a ladies day out at Bella Ragazza Boutique!



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