How To: Style a Shacket

A versatile, comfortable, and stylish piece we can't get enough of... Shackets! Yes, this trend is a go-to when the fall weather begins to hit. We are still seeing them everywhere, and don't see an end coming any time soon. They're lightweight, yet provide enough warmth to keep you comfortable in the changing seasons. Shackets are becoming a "must-have" staple piece for your fall closet. Below, I have put together a few inspirations for styling this piece. The options are endless! 

1. On-The-Go


2. Casual and Cozy


3. Edgy


4. Dress It Up


5. All About the Layers



  • Accessorize!!!
  • Color is never a bad idea.
  • Wrap it around the waist of your dress or jeans for an accent look. 

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