How To: Transition into Spring


With this mix of cold and hot weather, we can’t tell which season it is. I’m sure everyone’s over winter just as much as I am. Spring has been teasing us with sunny and 70 degrees one day and disappearing the next for cooler weather in the low 50s. This back and forth temperature change creates a challenge when it comes to dressing comfortably yet suitable for outside conditions. Therefore, I put together a few tips for creating outfits to help you appropriately transition into spring. From wearing lighter materials, colors, and patterns, you’ll see a shift in your attitude as you start your day. Creating looks geared towards spring weather is guaranteed to cure any winter blues you may be having!

To start, color is an easy way to begin transitioning your outfits from winter to spring. Ditch the dark and rich tones and go for light pastels and soft neutrals. This includes more whites and tans over blacks and browns. Focusing on color will boost your mood and brighten the day. When most people think of spring, I’m sure light colors comes to mind. That is lavender, yellow, light pink, baby blue etc. Adding pops of color, however much you want, into your daily outfit is a quick and simple transition from winter.

Second, focus on wearing lighter weight materials over chunky knit cardigans and thick sweaters. Instead, choose a light zip up jacket, cooler cardigans, and light knit sweaters. They’ll help keep you cooler as the weather changes, but also keep you from feeling like your outfit is not with the current season. For example, pair a light sweater, cropped or tucked, with a colorful midi skirt to accommodate the weather during the season change.  

Third, have fun with your accessories! Choose colorful charms, fun bracelets, and brighter handbags. Change up your winter go-to accessories for more floral or neutral ones. Any way you can feel dressed more towards spring is a good start to moving on from winter styles.

Finally, florals and light patterns are your friend. Spring is full of life and blooming flowers, so finding apparel with fun stripes, polka dots, or florals can add more character to your wardrobe. As fun as winter styles are, they can sometimes feel a little dull. Wearing patterns will give life to your outfit.

Follow these tips and you’ll be set for the early spring! Transitioning into a new season is usually difficult yet knowing how to continue wearing current season clothes with the upcoming season’s, you’ll find it to be a much easier process. We are just a few weeks away from the first day of spring, so why not get started now!

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