Join Us Live!

Hey Bella Babes! Did you know we go live on social media with new arrivals 1-2 times every week? You can watch us on Facebook and Instagram to see what's coming into the store, see the fit of these items, and have the chance to receive a special discount. If you didn't know this, continue reading to understand why we do it.

Why We Go Live

Connecting with our customers is our top priority. We want to provide you with the best products and services possible. Social media has become a large way for us to get to know more customers, especially our out-of-town shoppers. Therefore, we go live in order to create a personal shopping feel for those who are unable to shop in store or prefer to see the items on with a true description. People are better able to reference how a top or pair of pants will fit their body based on our body shapes and sizes in each brand. 

Engagement is important to us. We want your feedback just as much as you want ours. Lives help us talk with you all about the fit of a garment. You can also get any questions answered right then and there. Nobody wants to buy an item if they're unsure about the fit, length, or feel. That's what we strive to offer you all during these lives. After watching, it is our hope that you are more confident in making your purchase!

We also love giving back to our customers as much as possible. So, with each live, we offer a special discount for you to receive 15% off of your purchase and a chance to win your order for free. We also occasionally offer other giveaways or sneak peeks of upcoming collections and pieces dropping in the following weeks. 

Mondays at noon CST and Thursdays at 9:30 am CST, you will find Natasha and Brittney LIVE with new arrivals and special discounts! These lives allow us to create relationships with all customers and increase the ways we engage with you all. They are a fun way to interact with online shoppers. 

Full of laughter, fun, clothes, and real-life talk, you won't want to skip out on watching these! We hope to see you all join us for our upcoming lives! 


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