Halloween Costumes at Bella Ragazza

I’m starting to feel the magic of fall! The air is becoming more crisp, I’m bringing out all of my favorite sweaters, and I find myself cuddled up on the couch watching a spooky movie more than I’d like to admit!

Halloween is RIGHT around the corner🎃 I have always loved to dress up for Halloween, and as the years go by, I strive to make my costumes more clever and creative. This year, I’ve been struggling to find a costume that is stylish and cute, but also fitting for the occasion. It can be super difficult to find a costume that suits you and is also fun and comfortable- because you definitely don’t want to be stuck messing with your outfit all night 😣

If you’re dealing with the same issues this season, I have crafted the perfect guide for you. This year at Bella, I can’t stop daydreaming of how many chic pieces we have in store that could so easily be turned into the best costume ever!🧡🍂👻 So, sit back, turn on your favorite Halloween movie, and prepare to be the best dressed at all of your fall festivities this season. 

This costume is a favorite of mine. It just never gets old, and fits people of all ages!! Not to mention, these pieces are absolutely perfect for the look, and provide more staples for looks all season long. 🏍️ 


Ugh I am so obsessed with these pieces. They are so fabulous! You can mix & match them and pair them with your own items to create your own curated, perfect costume. 🎤 

If you’re looking for a more unique costume for this halloween, this is such a iconic character that makes a great single costume. Keep in mind, it could also easily be turned into a couples costume!🥊 All of these pieces put together showcase Marla’s character so well. Don’t even get me started on the coat!! It is so chic and just to die for!

Did someone say matching costumes?! This look is super versatile- just grab a pair of white and black wings and accessorize to make it your own🪽

Wanting a comfy and easy costume this year? Look no further!! Not only are these items great for year-around wear, but they can also transform you into the world’s favorite “basic average girl” 😉


And don’t worry- for all of the ladies who look forward to the more chill side of halloween night.. sitting back and relaxing to a bowl of treats and watching a movie with loved ones, we still have you covered. I’m loving the spooky lounge wear we are carrying this season. To see these pieces and more, go to the Bella Babe website, and tap on the “Spooky Collection” banner. 🎃


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