Trends on the Rise

As an avid fashion follower, I'm super excited to dish on the latest trends that are taking 2024 by storm! 

Let's talk bows first- they are everywhere! Tied up in your hair, cinched on the back of dresses, worked into the design of your earrings, added to the tips of your shoes. Bows are adding a sweet, romantic, feminine flair to everyone's wardrobe. 

Going hand in hand with bows is the rise of more girly fashion. The rise of embrancing the power of being the strong women that you are is here! This is leading to all the ruffles, lace, and soft pastels we are seeing in fashion right now. It is beautiful to embrace your feminine side, and wear whatever makes you feel confident!

Flats are making a huge comeback! We are seeing this in ballet flats and kitten heels. Comfort meets elegance with this trend. 

Let's not forget about the timeless allure of classy, almost preppy fashion. This year, it's all about exuding sophistication with a modern twist. Button ups layered under sweaters, stripes, and even some statement pieces are what you're going to need for this trend. The preppy look is in now due to some of the new films hitting the cinema early this year.

Large bags are a new go-to. Don't forget about your tiny clutch! It's still effortlessly perfect for a night out. But a spacious tote that is both practical and stylish is super in for all your daily outings, like running errands in style!

Flowy skirts? Yes PLEASE! They're breezy, they're perfect for spring, they're chic, and they pair perfectly with a fitted top or even a chunky sweater. 

Shades of green are the color story of the year so far! From olive to emerald, these hues are vibrant and in just in time to prepare for summer.

Long dresses are having their extended moment in the spotlight. They're versatile, elegant, and they've always been perfect year around! So, here's your reminder to pick up a couple new ones for this spring and summer!

Wardrobe basics are key because let's face it, solid staple pieces are key! White tees, jeans that fit you just right, and a go-to blazer will be your best friends. We always have the best basics at Bella. Honestly, my unbiased opinion is that this is the best place to pick up all your staples. And! Right now, we have a surplus of new denim and every single piece is just to die for.

Lastly, statement jewelry is the exclamation point of any outfit. Bold layered necklaces, chunky bracelet and eye-catching earrings are the finishing touch that any outfit needs. Over-accessorizing is super in right now, and will only get hotter during the summer time.

There you have it! These are the trends we're all obsessing over at Bella Ragazza! Let's make 2024 your most stylish year yet... stay FABULOUS! 


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