Why you should support small businesses near you on Shop Small Saturday!

Are you ready to make a big impact on Shop Small Saturday? Supporting small businesses on this special day is not only a great way to find new styles at a great price, but it's also an opportunity to make a difference in your community.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the reasons why supporting small businesses on Shop Small Saturday is so important, and going over the top ten best reasons to do so! Grab your shopping bags and let's explore the wonderful world of boutique stores together! 🛍️💕

1. Small businesses often offer one-of-a-kind products! Many months are spent at Bella planning this busy season, and all the exciting events that come with it. We look forward to this time of year, and collect inventory in the time leading up to it that reflects our love of fashion, and allows you to express yourself creatively through your wardrobe! 

2. When you shop at a small boutique, you get personalized attention and exceptional customer service. We value our relationships with our customers over everything! Talking to everyone who comes in and shows support for Bella everyday is undoubtedly the best part of my job, and always gives me something to look forward to. The Bella team cares about your experience and we enjoy jumping at any opportunity to help you craft the perfect look that you’re searching for! 

3. By supporting small businesses, you're directly contributing to the growth and prosperity of your community. When you shop locally, a larger portion of your money stays within the local economy, benefiting everyone around you! 👭

4. Small businesses are often the backbone of job creation in communities. By choosing to shop small, you're helping to sustain and create employment opportunities for your neighbors, friends, and family!! 

5. Shopping at small boutiques allows you to build meaningful connections with the owners and staff. Because of my job, I have come to know so many amazing people who are now so special to me, that I otherwise wouldn’t have come across! Whether it’s becoming familiar faces, becoming part of our story as a loyal customer, or meeting a new friend, you are guaranteed to come across our great team, or a friend through stopping by. 

6. Small businesses tend to have a smaller carbon footprint compared to larger corporations. Many local boutiques focus on sustainable practices, offering eco-friendly products that help reduce waste and promote a greener lifestyle 🌳🌳

7. Small businesses often reflect the unique character and charm of a community. At Bella, we enjoy inviting other small business owners to hold pop-up-shops during special days. We love to bring up others around us, and introduce our Bella Babes to some of our small business friends 💞

8.I have always felt that small businesses are started by passionate individuals who take risks to pursue their dreams! By supporting them, you're encouraging entrepreneurship and fostering a culture of innovation!

9. Many small businesses actively participate in local charities and community events. By supporting them, you indirectly contribute to these philanthropic efforts, making a positive impact on the lives of others!! 

10. Shopping at small boutiques is an adventure! You never know what hidden gems you'll discover. It's a chance to explore new styles, support emerging designers, and find unique treasures that truly reflect your personal taste🛍️

This year on Shop Small, let's celebrate the magic of small businesses and make a difference in our communities. Happy shopping babes!! 


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